This weekend was my first outdoor climb. Thanks to CHOA, which has harnesses and gear for beginners thinking about getting into the sport, I was able to try it out. Also, as usual, big props to Tito Menjivar, a great person, leader and mentor for a lot of my outdoor excursions (and Gayle for taking these pics). A great workout, and definitely something I’m planning on getting into more. Likely in the following month during trips to Stone Mountain and Table Rock for overnighters.

Routes I climbed, all top-roped, were Gastonia’s Crack (5.4), Mike’s Crack (5.5), In This Corner (5.5), and Caterpillar (5.7). Caterpillar was at least a 20 minute climb (the big photo) and was just over 100′. All climbs were on the west face of the main wall. First three were at the Practice Wall and the Wrestling Wall, while Caterpillar was at David’s Castle.

To top it off. After climbing from about 9:00am-2:00pm on Saturday, I made another trip out there Sunday with friends to hike the Rocktop and Crowder’s Trails. Beautiful weekend with no complaints. Can’t wait to see what happens next weekend!

See you out there!